Facing Dylan


The provocative song titles of Bob Dylan inspired this collection of photographs.  Each image portrays an original idea sparked by the intense feelings and mysterious vocabulary of one of the greatest songwriters of all time.  Collaborating with a creative cast of friends and strangers the photographs reimagine the song titles, and are not intended to reflect the original meaning or content of the song.  The titles acted as a prompt for the imagination.

The project took place over three years, culminating in 2016 to coincide with and celebrate Bob Dylan’s 75th birthday.  I was often surprised and always gratified by the enthusiasm for the project from those I asked to be my collaborators and actors.  Most had never modeled before, or had even heard of the song title portrayed.  The people in these scenes include a chicken farmer, a managing partner of a law firm, a stay-at-home mother of a special needs child, a 101 year old retired dress factory operator, a music club owner, a few fellow musicians, my 89 year old mother and many more atypical collaborators.  My experience of creating these photographs was equally as satisfying as the final product.

The diversity of partners involved, coupled with my efforts to recognize and discard my own preconceptions about lighting, sets, and posing, led to many failures and also to positive and unexpected results.  As the consummate artist of the unexpected, Dylan’s originality and self-reinvention has propelled his music’s impact on culture for over 50 years. The source of his creativity is embodied in his statement that  “An artist has to be careful never to arrive at a place where he thinks he’s somewhere. You always have to be in a state of becoming, and as long as you’re in that realm, you’ll be alright.”  It’s my hope that these photographs are true to that philosophy.

A sample of the FACING DYLAN photographs are below.  The complete collection is in the book available at: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/132044072X



Rainy day women