The 12 portfolios you see here comprise diverse subject matter, but have in common the theme of beauty in play with a certain quality of light.  In this body of work that spans fifteen years I have simply followed my eye without trying to follow a genre.

The work and pleasure of my photography is discovering some particular beauty of a person, place or object, and then employ the wondrous and sensual qualities of light to illuminate what I see as its eminent features.  I find that beauty can be transformative, even if only for a fleeting moment, in that it can elevate you beyond the literal and logical to a higher level of seeing and feeling.

Besides the portrayal of beauty in my photographs, my hope is to communicate something that’s unseen too.  Many of my images are as much about metaphor as they are about visual facts.  A photograph, like a song or a scent, can trigger memories and associations within the viewer that imbue the image with more power.  I’ve put some cards on the table face up and left some face down for you to turn over.  Alfred Stieglitz, one of the first to recognize photography as an art form said that, “I have a vision of life and I try to find equivalents for it sometimes in the form of photographs.”

There’s also some unexplainable magic in taking photographs that keeps me coming back for more.  When first looking at new images out of the camera . . . if I’m lucky . . . there’s one that stops me from going on to the next one.  There’s something about it, not a thought but an instant visceral reaction.  There’s some magic in it, it’s alive somehow, it moves and breathes. I can enhance that magic, that life, but no amount of manipulation later can put it there in the first place.  Bob Dylan once described a good poem as, “a bunch of words that can stand up and walk away”.  When you’ve captured an image that has magic, that can “stand up and walk away”, it’s pretty exciting.

My continuing motivation to photograph is the anticipation and hope of discovering that beauty, that special light, that magic.  Imogen Cunningham summed up this feeling nicely. When asked which of her many renowned photographs was her favorite she replied, “The one I’m going to take tomorrow.”